This utility runs silently and can be used to launch other applications or commands in the security context of the current Explorer user.  This is a lightweight and free product and in some cases is a component that is either required for, or enables features in, other Noximaze Software Solutions products.  

On install the application is configured to add a registry setting to automatically start it on user login.

This utility is a very small memory resident system file watcher that monitors the C:\ProgramData\Noximaze Software Solutions\Nox Session Launcher folder on a system.  The application watches for files that have the .RUN extension.  When a file is detected the contents are consumed and the file deleted.

The contents of the .RUN file are run as-is and is designed to be very simple and light weight so does not parse for parameters.  There application does not display any error messages and does not write to any logs.

Create a file called NOTEPAD.RUN and put the following command line into it...

As well as launching specific applications you can launch scripts that contain both executable paths and parameters.  In fact the script can contain any complex logic or commands you want.

The end-result is Notepad being launched in the security context of the user who ran the Nox Session Launcher.